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At Veritas Research, our experience tells us that the more you understand about how decision–makers see your case, and how they come to their decisions, the better equipped you are to make more informed choices about case–critical strategies and tactics.

Our research is custom–designed to evaluate the impact of both basic and complex testimony and evidence through:
  • Key witness preparation
  • Mock trials and focus groups
  • Assistance with jury selection
  • Post–selection panel analysis
  • Post–trial interviews.
Using our mock trial methodology, we will uncover relevant juror attitudes, and go beyond traditional research to reveal a richer discussion among mock jurors. With this enhanced feedback on case issues and themes, you will be better equipped to conduct voir dire and more intelligently exercise strikes.

With early involvement in trial preparation, Veritas Research can be most effective at maximizing your results. Because we consider our commitment to you of paramount importance, the firm remains flexible and responsive to all client needs and changing trial schedules. Moreover, we view professionalism, ethics and confidentiality as essential parts of our client relationship.

Call us today to learn more about our approach and why it is better than traditional jury research methods.
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“I am regularly involved in complex, challenging medical malpractice cases. Dr. Ray and Veritas Research are knowledgeable not only about the medicine involved, but more importantly, Dr. Ray has an ability to understand the unique issues my physicians and medical institutions face at trial. He has helped us develop practical solutions to those issues.”
Tom Sartwelle
Deans & Lyons, LLP
Houston, Texas
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