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“I litigate complex personal injury cases around the nation. Dr. Ray and his premier trial consulting organization, Veritas Research, bring unparalleled expertise and scientific knowledge to the often fraught areas of trial strategy and jury selection. I have seen with great pleasure and success that Dr. Ray’s combination of Doctorate level specialization in trial science and practical experience as a top–flight litigator place him in a uniquely advantageous position to assist in any type of litigation.
      In addition to his education and real world trial experience, Dr. Ray has brought amazing intuition and insight to the process of maximizing the effectiveness of my clients’ cases. Having benefited from Dr. Ray’s counsel, I would not go to trial anywhere in the country without Veritas Research on my side. I certainly would not wish for my opponent to bring such a powerful resource to bear against me.”

Martin Jackson
Law Offices of Martin E. Jackson, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

“Our firm has had the privilege to work with Dr. Ray on a number of cases. He is an integral part of our trial team. He's helped us craft trial themes, create user-friendly juror questionnaires, and select the best jurors for our particular case. He challenges us in a way designed to make our case the very best it can be. It's an honor to work with him.”
Jacob D. Flesher - Shareholder
Flesher Schaff & Schroeder, Inc.
Rocklin, California

“I first met Dr. Ray over seven years ago in connection with the preparation of a particularly difficult witness for deposition. I was very impressed with his insight, great legal mind and ability to connect with people. As I learned more about this accomplished lawyer and Ph.D. psychologist, I knew he would be an asset to my firm on larger complex cases. Without exception, I get Dr. Ray involved early in all of my firm's larger cases. In addition to being an asset at the time of picking a jury, Dr. Ray is an asset throughout the case. Don't wait until the end of your case to hire Dr. Ray. He is an invaluable resource throughout any complex case. Hire Dr. Ray first thing so the other side doesn't!”
Richard M. Grimes
Partner - Grimes & Fertitta, P.C.
Houston and The Woodlands, Texas

“Dr. Ray and Veritas Research have been extremely helpful in providing insights into thought patterns of decision makers and in identification of facts that motivate their decisions. This has greatly assisted our efforts to formulate winning strategies that get to the bottom line.”
Kathryn Snapka
The Snapka Law Firm
Corpus Christi, Texas

“I am regularly involved in complex, challenging medical malpractice cases. Dr. Ray and Veritas Research are knowledgeable not only about the medicine involved, but more importantly, Dr. Ray has an ability to understand the unique issues my physicians and medical institutions face at trial. He has helped us develop practical solutions to those issues.”
Tom Sartwelle
Deans & Lyons, LLP
Houston, Texas

“Veritas Research is my first choice in trial consultants. In fleshing out trial themes, in preparing for opposing witnesses, and in profiling prospective jurors, Dr. Ray’s unique combination of legal and psychological knowledge and experience have proved to be amazingly creative, intuitive, perceptive and most of all, practical.”
Scott Brazil
Brazil & Dunn
Houston, Texas

“Dr. Ray is an experienced trial–seasoned veteran whose knowledge of the law, and the decision making process is informed by work on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. His input in matters from jury selection to demonstrative exhibits was extremely helpful to me and my trial team throughout a difficult and complex pharmaceutical products trial. Our team was greatly strengthened by his presence, insights and camaraderie. He is an excellent addition to your trial team for a difficult case.”
Joseph Hetrick
Dechert, L.L.P.
Philadephia, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Ray's help was invaluable in the defense of two complex product liability trials. He is an extraordinarily knowledgeable and talented jury consultant with an excellent understanding of what resonates with jurors deciding complex cases. That, plus his keen analytical ability, made him a welcome and vital contributor to the trial team.”
David P. Gersch
Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP
Washington, D.C.

“I had the pleasure of consulting with Dr. Ray on a case I successfully tried in January 2010. Our case involved controversial issues and Dr. Ray's insight on how to handle these tough issues with jurors/potential jurors was invaluable. His advice was a major contributing factor to our ultimate success. I will definitely work with him again in the future and highly recommend him to other trial attorneys.”
Allison H. Gabbert
The Gabbert Law Firm
Houston, Texas
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